Benefits of Mini Excavator Steel Tracks

Mini Excavator Steel Tracks

  1. Built to Handle Extreme Working Conditions

Steel track groups are strong enough to withstand difficult environmental conditions on aggressive job sites that bolted-on rubber pads would not be able to handle. The forged steel used in our steel tracks have an extremely strong surface hardness which makes them resilient under tough working conditions. They are perfect for demolition sites, scrap yards, earth-moving applications and other severe applications.

Also, check out the full line of OTT Metal and Steel Tracks from McLaren:

Mini Excavator Tracks by McLaren 

  • Next Generation Rubber Tracks
  • Maximizer Rubber Tracks
  • Hybrid Steel Tracks with Pads
  1. Extended Service Life

Typically, steel tracks have a much longer service life than rubber tracks in aggressive applications, while still maintaining their flotation capabilities. The specially heat-treated steel used in the steel grousers significantly increases track longevity, preventing cracking in harsh conditions and guaranteeing an extended service life. All steel components used in our steel track groups are ISO9001 certified, with high durability even in the roughest of work site conditions.

  1. Reduced Maintenance Costs Over Time

Our steel track groups are resilient and built to last in tough conditions. They are damage resistant, requiring minimal maintenance which in turn saves you money on maintenance costs. With steel tracks, you will see a significant decrease in the frequency of track replacement when compared to rubber tracks.

  1. Turn Key Conversion

You do not have to perform any complicated operation to convert your mini-excavator to steel tracks. Our mini excavator tracks are specially designed to fit popular mini-excavator brands without the need to modify or change the undercarriage of your mini-excavator. They are pretty easy to install!

  1. Replaceable Steel Grousers

Should the need arise to replace the steel grousers, you won’t have any problem doing so. Steel grousers (and rubber pads) are all replaceable. Monster Tires is your one-stop for the best deals on replacement steel grousers.

  1. Versatility

Easily switch between steel grousers and rubber pads, depending on your work site conditions and preferences. There is no need to replace the tracks as you can simple add on and take off the optional rubber pads as needed, bolting on rubber pads for sensitive applications like turf and steel grousers for harsher terrains.

Monster Tires offers a range of products for mini-excavator steel track systems including:

  • Completely assembled track groups, made from tempered and heat-treated steel components.
  • Steel grousers with different configuration options to perfectly fit your mini-excavator
  • Track links made of hard, durable steel
  • Optional rubber pads made from tough rubber compounds to ensure durability and long wear.

All materials used in constructing our tracks are built and tested for strength and endurance to guarantee high performance and long service life. Contact Monster Tires for affordable prices for high-quality mini-excavator tracks!

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