Bobcat Steel Track Review

With the vast amount of steel track options for loaders available, let’s take a quick look at steel tracks offered by Bobcat for loaders and see how they measure up. Before embarking on any project that requires tracked heavy equipment, it is first important to assess the terrains and job sites that you will be working on. This is important as different tracks offer different benefits or are best-suited for a particular type of terrain.

Bobcat steel tracks for loaders are specially built to handle challenging environments and rough terrains. To boost performance in rocky, muddy and rough environments, using Bobcat steel tracks on your loader is the way to go. They perform much better in these types of conditions than rubber tires. They are best-suited for aggressive applications like side-hill jobs, land clearing and forest applications. 

Features of the Bobcat Steel Tracks

Below, we review some of the features of Bobcat’s steel tracks that make them a great go-to solution for demanding work conditions: 

Open Bar Design and Side Plate

Bobcat steel track’s open bar design allows for self-cleaning. The open spaces allows the tracks to release debris and other unwanted elements found on rough job sites as they traverse the terrain. The spaces also allow for the track to bite into mud and dirt, releasing and letting the mud and dirt fall off as they travel. Bobcat steel tracks also offer superior traction due to its special open bar design. 

The open side plate of the tracks makes them great for tough, muddy environments. The open side plate design allows for better elimination of mud, dirt and unwanted debris around the pivot area. This minimizes equipment downtime and extends service life.

Easy, Quick Installation and Removal

Bobcat steel tracks come with installation tools that make them easy and quick to install on to your loader. The installation tool makes it easy to connect the track ends, minimizing time and exertion spent installing them. After the initial installation, it takes less than 30 minutes to install them and less than 10 minutes to remove the tracks.

Increased Flotation

Bobcat steel tracks have a wide track base that make them exceptionally great for sandy and muddy terrains that require increased flotation. Outfitting your loader with steel tracks will lower your equipment’s ground pressure, which, in turn, allows your loader to glide easily over surfaces in tough environments. 

Tire Protection

Rubber tires do not fare well on rough terrains and steel tracks are the solution for this problem. They protect your tires from premature wear and tear, protecting against cuts, tears and abrasions. Bobcat steel tracks offer complete protection of tires from damage in challenging underfoot conditions.

Replaceable Bushings 

Bobcat steel tracks use heat-treated bushings and links that are replaceable and reversible. These bushings are built to last, made of high-quality hard steel that is durable and will guarantee a long track service life. 


Bobcat steel tracks can be used on a wide selection of applications including agriculture, forestry, construction and demolition, snow removal, grading and leveling. They are perfect for demanding terrains and aggressive underfoot conditions. 

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