Buying a Solid Tire - Top 4 reasons to pay more and why it makes sense

Buying a Solid Tire - Top 4 reasons to pay more and why it makes sense

Investing in high-quality solid tires for your skid steer loader or other heavy equipment is a must if you want high-performing tires for your operations. Solid tires are popular with contractors who use them in a range of applications (including construction, waste recycling, demolition, and mining) because they are completely flat-proof and are extremely resilient.

While it is tempting to buy less expensive, lower quality tires to save some money upfront, you actually spend much more money, in the long run, repairing or replacing low-quality tires when they get damaged. It’s better to cough up the money for high-grade solid tires that will last you much longer, deliver better performance and guarantee lower operating costs per hour.

Let’s break down the top four reasons why you should pay more for high-quality solid tires

Buying a Solid Tire - Top 4 reasons to pay more and why it makes sense


High-quality solid tires are made from highly durable rubber compounds that guarantee exceptional performance under demanding underfoot conditions. Manufacturers of high-quality rubber tires adopt best practices and use only high-grade raw materials to ensure that the tires deliver great performance.

Don’t fall victim to those tire manufacturers that use low-quality rubber in their tire construction to save on production costs. It may seem like a bargain to buy these inferior quality tires, but save yourself some hassle in the long run and invest in top-grade solid tires which boast longer wear and an extended service life.

A rule of thumb to follow is to avoid buying rubber tires manufactured in places like China and Indonesia where poor quality raw materials are used; and where manufacturers cut corners in the production process to lower production costs. Solid tires produced in North America may be pricier but you get what you pay for as these tires typically last longer and perform better.

Deep Tread Lugs

One way some tire manufacturers save on production costs is by constructing rubber tires with small tread lugs. That way, they use much less rubber which allows them to sell these tires cheaper. The problem with buying these types of tires is that the rubber treads wear out much faster. They also offer inferior traction and low performance.

Make sure to invest in tires that feature deep and wide tread lugs. Yes, they may be pricier but you can rest easy knowing that they provide optimal performance and have much longer wear.

Smooth, Cushioned Ride

To maximize productivity and the efficiency of your heavy equipment operations, the operator must have the maximum level of comfort possible. The quality of tires used on your heavy equipment greatly affects the smoothness of the ride, especially on bumpy surfaces, which in turn affects operator comfort. To ensure a smooth, cushioned ride, invest in high-grade solid tires.

They are made from top-quality materials and are meticulously designed to guarantee maximum shock absorption as the heavy equipment operator navigates uneven terrains. They usually feature sidewalls that have layers of multiple apertures which improve ride quality.

Minimized Chunking

One critical issue that arises when operating a skid steer loader equipped with low-quality solid tires is chunking. When tires have operated on demanding job sites for a period of time, if the tires are made from low-quality rubber and raw materials, they begin to chunk. Small or large masses of the rubber begin to fall off the tire. This drastically reduces tire performance and eventually renders the tire useless.

That is why investing in high-quality rubber tires is the way to go. Chunking does not occur as rapidly with high-grade solid rubber tires than low-quality solid tires, which means you don’t have to repair or replace your tires as often.

Monster Tires only sells high-quality solid tires for skid steer loaders. Our tires are made from top-quality raw materials and the toughest rubber compound, reinforced with special additives to slow tire wear and prevent chunking. Monster Tires’ solid tires are exceptionally resilient and 100% flat-proof. Contact us for more information.