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Industrial Tire Installation

Industrial Tire Installation

Industrial Tire (23.5R25) Install on Caterpillar Scraper – Placerville, CA Located in Placerville, CA near Sacramento – Monster Tires specializes in a wide variety of Tire Sales, Track Sales, and Tire Installation Services Located in Placerville, CA is your go-to resource for industrial tires and tracks. If you are looking for agricultural tires, construction […]

Temperature and Tire Pressure

Does Temperature Affect Tire Pressure?

Does Temperature Affect Tire Pressure? Many contractors do routine inspections of their industrial tires and equipment before sending them off to a jobsite. In a recent article, we listed six routine inspections that need to be done when preparing industrial tires for a jobsite and one of the more important inspections was checking the tire […]

Buying Backhoe Tires

Backhoe Tires

Top Five Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Backhoe Tires The backhoe is one of the more versatile and useful pieces of equipment—whether on a farm or construction job site. As one might expect, this equipment depends on having the correctly sized tires with good tread level to maintain the traction required for the job […]