Forklift Tires

Forklift Tires and Tire Size Guide

Fork Lift Tires
Fork Lift Tires

We carry Front and Rear Fork Lift Tires for all makes and model machines

When it comes to heavy lifting, there’s no doubt that your forklift is one of your most important pieces of equipment. If your forklift is out of commission because of tire problems, you are going to be stuck not being able to lift and move heavy and large objects, which can bring your business to a grinding halt. That’s why we are here at Monster Tires: to get you the high quality tires you need to get moving again… literally!

Kinds of Tires

There are many different places and ways that forklifts can be used. They move things around in warehouses and might only ever drive on smooth indoor concrete floors. They can lift equipment and materials on construction sites and might need to be able to drive on gravel, soft dirt, or even grass. They can even carry heavy and large objects in places with nice grass and landscaping, where they need to not leave tire tracks. We have a huge selection of forklift tires with different weights, sizes of tread, etc. so you can get exactly the tires you need for the job your forklift is going to do.


We started Monster Tires as a source for the best quality tires at the lowest prices. We have stayed true to that vision throughout the years. We offer flat rate shipping on all tires of only 100 throughout the Continental United States (Continental 48 States excluding Hawaii and Alaska), so wherever you are and however heavy your tires are, you can save money! So you can feel good about your order of new forklift tires and how much you saved on them.