McLaren MAGNUM OTT™ Tracks

This advanced, heavy-duty, two-in-one track option combines the tenacity and longevity of steel tracks and the reliability and other advantages of rubber tracks.

These tracks are near indestructible under normal working conditions and last twice as long as a regular rubber track system. Rubber pads can be bolted on and off the steel track base as needed without modifying the excavator’s undercarriage. Hybrid steel tracks come in sizes ranging from 300mm to 450mm wide tracks.

  • McLaren’s Magnum Over-The-Tire (OTT) tracks: For the most aggressive, heavy-duty terrains, McLaren’s Magnum Over-The-Tire (OTT) tracks are the way to go. These steel OTT tracks are the toughest tracks available on the market and are great for severe applications like mining, waste management, and land clearing.

Benefits of the Hybrid track system include:

  • Adaptability

Depending on the type of terrain or job site you are working on, the Hybrid track system allows you to add or remove the rubber pads to accommodate the particular terrain you are working on.

Without the rubber pads, this track acts like a steel track system, able to withstand the harshest ground and weather conditions. As a steel track, they perform optimally on demolition sites, gravelly or rocky terrains, heavy construction and mining sites.

With the rubber pads bolted on, Hybrid tracks protect delicate ground surfaces - like turf, concrete and asphalt - from damage. These rubber pads also offer exceptional traction on all terrains and minimize vibration and noise as you operate the excavator.

  • Interchangeability

Hybrid tracks can directly replace the existing rubber track system of a compact excavator without any modification to its undercarriage. This is due to the interchangeable carriage system of most compact excavators on the market today. You can easily install the Hybrid track system on your mini excavator without changing undercarriage components like rollers, idlers and sprockets.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

The replaceable rubber pads of the Hybrid track system significantly reduces maintenance costs. If the rubber pads wear out or are damaged, the pads can be replaced instead of replacing the entire track system. This saves you a whole lot of money as replacing an entire track system is quite expensive. Also, the Hybrid system allows you to invest in one track system as opposed to two separate rubber and steel tracks, thereby saving you money.

  • Durable, Hard Steel

The body of the Hybrid track’s steel base has a hardness of HRC 32~35 while the top surface of the track links is manufactured to a hardness of HRC50~55. No doubt, these tracks are one of the strongest and most durable excavator tracks you’ll find on the market. The steel is able to operate without damage even under the most extreme working conditions.

Monster Tires stocks all sizes of McLaren’s Next Generation, Maximizer and Hybrid track systems for your convenience. They are compatible with most makes and models of excavators on the market today including Bobcat, Case, CAT, JCB, New Holland, Kubota and Komatsu. We highly recommend these premium track systems to improve productivity and the efficiency of your compact excavator operations. Call us today for a quote!