Industrial Tire (23.5R25) Install on Caterpillar Scraper - Placerville, CA

Industrial Tire Installation

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Today, we are going to give you an overview of a common tire installation at our yard in Placerville, CA.

Getting started with the Tire Removal and Installation Process

Approaching a Caterpillar Motor Scraper and mentally becoming cognizant of the job you are about to embark upon can be a daunting prospect, to say the least. Firstly, there's the machine itself, which is a beast. The average motor scraper has a total operational weight of around 102,500 pounds.

They're typically around 47 feet in length, 13 feet in width and tower at 14 feet in height. As you visually take in the entirety of this monstrous machine, your eyes land upon the purpose of why you're there, the job itself, replacing the tire.

As you can see from the picture above and have likely seen in real life, these aren't your average sets of tires. The men in the picture above are close to 6 feet tall and 200 pounds for size comparison. These tires are absolutely massive! The size of the tire being used in this tire install demonstration is 23.5R25. These tires have an overall diameter of 63.5 inches, an overall width of 23.6 inches and weigh an astounding 795 pounds each.

I know what you're probably thinking, this is not going to be fun. But you're in luck! In this article, I will provide you with all the tools needed to get the job done safely and efficiently and a detailed step-by-step process to ensure your success.

List of All the Tools You'll Need for Tire Extraction and Installation

  • Hydraulic Foot Pump Tire Bead Breaker - used for popping the bead off the tire
  • Air Jack - for lifting unit in preparation for tire extraction
  • Skidder bars - used to pry tire away from bead and rim
  • Raw Soap - dilute soap with water for tire extraction because it's easier to spray on and helps check for leaks on the wheel. When installing the new tire use the raw soap to help slide the tire on to the wheel
  • Grinder - For the outer ring to knock down dirt and debris before reinstallation of the new tire
  • Service Truck with Crane -  Having a crane isn't absolutely necessary especially if you have the strength of a gorilla but it would be useful when extracting or installing a 795-pound tire
  • Sledgehammer -  needed for beating the tire off the rim and to hammer the keeper ring back into place

Step #1. Use air jack to lift the unit off the ground in preparation for tire extraction

Air jack

Elevating your unit off the ground is the first step, as with any tire replacement on any type of vehicle. This sets the whole process in motion to begin the removal of the tire and is a required step. Be sure to get an air jack capable of lifting a motor scraper.

Step #2. Remove the core first, not doing so could have deadly consequences

Industrial tire install

The core of the tire is a valve metal piece that is used in virtually all automobile tires. It consists of a valve stem into which a valve core is threaded and assisted by a spring that's bolted to the rim. If this step isn't taken before trying to remove outer rings, a blow out could occur. If anyone happened to be on the receiving end of that, things could get ugly. So just to elucidate the importance of this step, once you've hoisted your unit off the ground with your air jack, get right to work removing the core, THIS STEP CANNOT BE NEGLECTED.

Step #3. Once the air is released, begin pushing back the bead to separate the rim from the tire

industrial tire installation

This is a crucial step because it is necessary to remove the keeper ring and inner rings of the tire. As you can see, a porta-power is a required tool to get this portion of the job done. Without having the porta-power its unlikely you would be able to push the bead back far enough to separate the rim from the tire.

Step #4. Remove the O-ring

industrial tire installation placerville california

Skidder bars will come in handy for this step. Once the O-ring is removed you can remove the outer ring.

Step #5. Remove 3rd outer ring

industrial tire installation placerville california

Final Step before being able to take the tire off of the rim.

Step #6. Have a buddy assist you with removing the outer ring

industrial tire installation placerville california

These things aren't light, having a helping hand nearby will save your pack, literally.

Step #7. Place outer rings in a safe distance away from work area

Take the time to find a good spot to temporarily store your outer rings in a safe distance away from where you are working but not too far away because you'll be needing to use them after you get the new tire on the rim.

Step #8. Repeat steps 3-6 on the other side of the tire

industrial tire installation placerville california

Yes, now you will need to do all that work over again. Just this time, it will be even more difficult because you will need to crawl underneath the scraper and do it. Make sure that air jack is secure!

Step #9. Now that all the rings have been taken out, use your crane (if you're lucky enough to have one) and get that tire off

industrial tire installation placerville california

Having a crane is for this job truly is a luxury.

Trust us, you do not want to attempt to lift one of these

placerville california industrial tire installation

That's 795 pounds dangling in the air

Step #10. Place the old tire in the bed of your truck

placerville california industrial tire installation

Please do the right thing and dispose of your old tires responsibly.

Step #11. Wheel out your fresh new tire and get ready to install that bad boy

placerville california industrial tire installation

Ahh the smell of fresh rubber, such a satisfying moment. Out with the old and in with the new!

Step #13. Before installation can proceed, inspect the new tire for any deficiencies or water welled up inside

placerville california industrial tire installation

This step is actually a variable depending on the owner/operator specifications. In some cases, having water in the tire is actually preferred when the unit is used on hillsides as it helps with stability. In this particular scenario, the water needed to be extracted.

When your fancy pump isn't working, the rudimentary method of fishing water out with an old coffee cup will also suffice

placerville california industrial tire installation

If the owner wants the water out of the tire, get it out by any means necessary.

Step #14. Now you'll need to employ the power of your crane once again to place your new tire

placerville industrial tire installation

A push and a shove will be required to assist the crane with the placement of your new tire

placerville industrial tire installation

Even with all the power of the crane, nothing beats a little old-fashioned elbow grease.

Looking good, almost there, but not quite.

placerville industrial tire installation

Step #15. Now you must prep the old outer ring to fit the new tire

A grinder will come in handy to knock encrusted dirt and debris off of your old outer ring. Imagine if you bought a brand new pair of shoes, would you want to put them on if you're wearing an old dirty pair of socks? I think not!

Step #16. Proper lubrication is advised to make the insertion nice and smooth

placerville ca

Remember how we diluted the raw soap with water to aid in the extraction of the old tire? Well, with the new tire we want that top shelf lube to ensure the insertion of the new tire onto the rim is smooth and gentle.

Step #16. Once you're nice and lubed up, get on your knees and slide that sucker in

placerville industrial tire installation

Sometimes, all it takes is a little hard work to get the job done.

Step #17. Use your skidder bars to ensure a tight fit

Placerville industrial tires

Keep it tight, keep it right!

Step #18. Take a step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor

Scraper tire

When it comes to industrial tires, Monster Tires has got you covered. We aren't looking to just sell you a set of tires but to provide you with a reliable resource and strive to develop a relationship with you that will last a lifetime. You see, we aren't just a gang of geeks that built a website to try to make a quick buck.

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