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For Local Pick-Up and Delivery, we specialize in Backhoe Tires, Skip-loader Tires, Skid Steer Tires, Wheel Loader Tires and Industrial Rubber Tracks for Northern California.

If you are looking for a set of farm tires, tractor tires or agricultural tires in the Greater Sacramento Area or Northern California, we can help!

Monster Tires is your ideal resource for backhoe tires in Northern California. Whether you are a construction expert, a farmer, or anyone else who has a backhoe and needs tires for them, Monster Tires has the tires to get your equipment running again. Your tires are essential to keeping your work site safe. If your backhoe tires are bald and losing traction, your equipment could slip and cause an accident. You may have workers who are injured. Even if there is no accident, using a machine with worn out or damaged tires makes you liable to receive severe fines. Keep your business running reliably with backhoe tires and industrial tires from Monster Tires in Northern California (Located in Placerville, CA).

We Offer Local Pick-Up for the following Areas in California

Full Inventory of NEW Tires

At Monster Tires, we have backhoe tire inventory for all the leading makes and models of backhoes. Whether you have a Caterpillar, Case, John Deere, or Volvo, we have the tires to get your equipment running and get you back on the job.

Customer Service: We Put you FIRST!

At Monster Tires, we are also committed to customer service, and that starts with helping you find what you need. If you aren’t sure what kind of tires you need precisely, start with our interactive and user-friendly search function, which will narrow down the tires you need with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you still aren’t sure, just give us a call. One of our friendly and knowledgeable Monster Tires experts will be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect backhoe tires for you.

Full Sets of Tires or Purchase Front/ Rear Only

Wheel Loader Tires California

Many people come to us needing full sets of tires. All the tires on their backhoe are worn out, and they just need a new set. This is very common. However, it is also very common for one or two tires to wear out faster than the others. When this happens, you don’t necessarily want to buy a complete new set, because two or three of your existing tires are still perfectly good. Why would you want to waste your money replacing something that doesn’t need to be replaced?

At Monster Tires, we offer front wheel sets, back wheel sets, and full sets of backhoe tires in Northern California. If your front wheels or back wheels are worn out, leaving the other set of tires completely serviceable, don’t waste your money replacing perfectly good tires. Talk to us today about replacing just the tires that are worn out.

However, please note that our partial sets only include front tires or back tires. You can’t buy a pair of right side tires or left side tires, nor can you buy just one tire. This is because putting a new tire on the same axle as an old tire will cause alignment problems, even if the old tire doesn’t look worn down yet. For optimal and safe functioning of your backhoe, you have to replace both sides at the same time. You don’t have to replace front and back at the same time, but you do have to replace right and left at the same time.

Industrial Tires and Tracks: Tread Type

Backhoe Tires California

There are many different kinds of tread type that we offer for your backhoe tires in Northern California, here at Monster Tires. The kind of tread tire you need will depend on the kind of work you do. We offer tread types for all sorts of work you might do with a backhoe, including:

  • Agricultural backhoe tire tread
  • Construction backhoe tire tread
  • Lawn backhoe tire tread
  • Gravel worksite backhoe tire tread
  • Concrete worksite backhoe tire tread
  • And much more!

For agricultural jobs, you need tire tread that is very deep and very wide. Agricultural backhoe tires don’t have any way for mud to stick in the grooves between the tread. Instead of conventional-looking tread, narrow ridges stick far out from the base of the tire. These ridges bite into loose dirt and mud, so you won’t lose traction no matter how difficult the working conditions are. However, this sort of tread doesn’t have much traction on concrete, gravel, or anything less loose than dirt, so it really should only be used in agricultural jobs.

If your backhoe spends much time on lawns, you need a tread which is very smooth, with shallow treads. This prevents the grass from being torn up too much. On the other hand, if your backhoe spends a lot of time on gravel or concrete construction sites, or construction sites with raw dirt that is packed down, a medium tread is the best choice for giving you maximum traction. The tread you choose is dependent on the job you are going to do with your backhoe. No matter what kind of work site you have or what kind of job you’re doing, our backhoe tires from Monster Tires in Northern California can get you back to work.

Fast Turnaround: Local Pick-Up or Delivery!

High Quality Backhoe Tires

Idling equipment is money lost.

Every day that your backhoe or machine is sitting there not working, that is money you could have made and didn’t. Here at Monster Tires, we understand that when you order tires from us, you need them ASAP. If we could build a time machine and get you the tires the day before you order them, that would probably be the best timeframe for your business. Since we can’t build a time machine, we settle for getting your tires to you as fast as possible after we receive your order. Our turnaround time is five to seven business days, which is one of the fastest delivery times in the industry. From order to doorstep, you can budget a week of lost time on your backhoe, so you know how to plan your work. Of course, if you see your backhoe tires beginning to wear down, you can make sure you don’t lose any work time at all by simply ordering the new tires before the old tires are completely worn out.

As construction equipment tire and backhoe tire experts ourselves, we know that you lose money every day your backhoe isn’t moving. It’s not that the unmoving backhoe actually costs money, but instead that you could have been making money and you’re not. We know what that does for your business, and that is why we make every possible effort to get your tires to you as quickly as humanly possible.

If you are looking for great backhoe tires in Northern California at a great price, with spectacular customer service and lightning fast delivery times, you have come to the right place at Monster Tires!

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