Komatsu Backhoe Tires

Komatsu Backhoe Tires

Komatsu Backhoe Tires
Komatsu Backhoe Tires

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Still being relatively new in the Backhoe Line compared to other manufacturers, Komatsu Backhoes have greatly improved over the past 20 years. With some issues still being worked out on Komatsu Backhoes, it’s important to be sure you’re doing all you can to be safe when operating. One of the simplest things you can do is to replace your Komatsu Backhoe Tires, when trying to keep your machine and operator safe and working at full capacity. If you need to replace your Komatsu Backhoe Tires or need help deciding how many hours are left on your tires, contact Monster Tires to get the best prices and most knowledgeable staff in the tire industry.

Front and Rear Komatsu Backhoe Tire Sets for all Makes and Models

When looking at your Komatsu Backhoe and wondering what maintenance needs to be done, one of the first things you need to check is the tires. Tires are part of a Komatsu Backhoe that only last a few thousand hours and are often overlooked. Monster Tires is here to simplify the whole process of buying Komatsu Backhoe Tires and being your only resource for tires. We offer many options for Komatsu Backhoe Tires including a choice of Front Tires, Rear Tires or a complete Set of Tires. The staff here at Monster Tires can help you decide whether you need smooth tread tires for on road use, OTR Tires, More aggressive tread for debris on job sites or thicker ply tires for use in recycling industries. When you have any questions about Komatsu Backhoe Tires or any other set of tires contact the staff at Monster Tires to get all your questions answered.

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Komatsu Front and Rear Tires

  • WA140
  • WB93
  • WB97
  • WB140
  • WB146
  • WB150
  • WB156

Choosing the right Komatsu Backhoe Tire

With the line of Komatsu Backhoes only varying a few thousand pounds, you may be thinking they all take the same size tires. Even if many models do take the same Komatsu Backhoe Tires, there are many variables such as ply’s and tread type. The staff at Monster Tires is here to offer you as much help as we can to help you decide which tires will work best for your Komatsu Backhoe. When you have any questions about Komatsu Backhoe Tires, Monster Tires will be here to answer anything you need and offer you industry leading prices and shipping costs.