Mclaren OTT Tracks

Mclaren Over The Tire Tracks (OTT)

McLaren Skid Steer Over The Tire Tracks

Different types of skid steer OTT tracks Monster Tires is proud to offer:

McLaren RUBBER OTT™ Tracks

McLaren RUBBER OTT™ Tracks

McLaren Rubber Over-The-Tire (OTT) Tracks

These tracks are compatible with both pneumatic and semi-pneumatic tires. For optimal performance, pair rubber OTT tracks with McLaren’s Nu-Air tires.

Below are the key features and advantages of McLaren’s Rubber OTT tracks:

  • Low Footprint on Delicate Surfaces

Rubber OTT tracks are best-suited for sensitive applications like turf which makes them the go-to OTT tracks for landscape contractors. This is because they reduce vehicle footprint and do not cause damage to delicate ground surfaces. Equip your skid steer with these tracks when operating on sidewalks, roads, lawns, gardens and driveways as the rubber shoes are gentle and do not damage these surfaces like steel tracks would.

  • Improved Traction and Flotation

Rubber OTT tracks significantly boost the traction and flotation capabilities of your skid steer. The tread surface of the track is constructed to maximize grip on ground surfaces while the wider footprint of these tracks distribute the weight of the skid steer more evenly, thus increasing flotation on sandy and muddy terrains.

  • Durable Rubber

The rubber used to build these tracks are made from extremely durable rubber compounds that are highly resistant to wear and punctures. The highly durable rubber translates to minimized machine downtime due to flats which, in turn, reduces the costs associated with track upkeep.

  • Embedded Steel Attachment Plate for Track Reinforcement

Not only is the rubber extremely resilient but Rubber OTT tracks are further strengthened by embedded steel attachment plates. The steel used is heat-treated and hammer-forged for added strength. This makes it extremely hard for the tracks to be penetrated and damaged by sharp objects and debris found on job sites.

  • Non-Marking Option Available

If you want to avoid unsightly marks made by regular rubber tracks on delicate surfaces, McLaren offers an orange non-marking version of their rubber OTT tracks. These orange non-marking rubber pads can be used on ornamental surfaces and pavement.

McLaren MAGNUM OTT™ Tracks

McLaren MAGNUM OTT™ Tracks

McLaren Magnum™ Over-The-Tire (OTT) Tracks

Below, we’ve listed the key benefits and features of these skid steer tracks:

  • Tough Steel Shoes

The steel shoes of Magnum™ OTT tracks are made with steel enriched with manganese. This makes them extremely tough and reliable and give them their near-indestructible quality. Magnum™ OTT tracks can truly operate in the harshest of environments without getting damaged.

  • Maximum Traction

Magnum™ OTT tracks feature a directional tread surface design which give them added pushing and pulling power or traction. This special tread design makes these tracks excellent for muddy, sandy and rocking ground conditions.

  • Outstanding Tire Protection

The steel shoes offer maximum puncture protection of your skid steer tires, extending their service life. With Magnum™ OTT tracks, you do not have to worry about sharp objects found on rough work sites puncturing your skid steer tires. This is due to the closely-spaced design of the steel shoes.

  • Maximum Flotation

The last thing an operator needs while on the job is for their skid steer to sink and get stuck in deep mud or sand. With Magnum™ OTT tracks, the possibility of sinking on such surfaces is drastically reduced. This is due to the wider footprint of the tracks that makes the skid steer “float” over muddy and sandy terrains. The wider footprint allows for a more even distribution of the weight of the skid steer, increasing your skid steer’s flotation capability.

  • Interchangeable Pads

One cool feature of Magnum™ OTT tracks is the fact that the Rubber and Magnum™ pads are interchangeable. This makes them highly versatile as you can exchange the pads depending on the nature of your skid steer operation.

McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ Tracks

McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ Tracks

McLaren Diamond™ Over-The-Tire (OTT) Tracks

Diamond™ OTT tracks are ideal for jobs that require maximum traction. The tracks feature angled edges and a diamond-faced bar surface that allow them to really bite into ground surfaces like mud, clay and loose rock.

Key Features of McLaren Diamond OTT Tracks

  • Maximum Traction

On terrains that require extra traction, Diamond™ OTT tracks work best as their angled bars and open-face style allow them to aggressively bite into mud, clay, loose gravel and sand. They are especially great for hills or slopes as they offer maximum traction and lateral stability on these applications.

  • Open Face Style for Easy Cleaning

The open-face design style of Diamond™ OTT tracks allow for easy cleaning, especially on snowy or icy terrains. Snow gets cleaned out as you navigate a snowy work site.

Maximizer OTT™ Tracks

Maximizer OTT™ Tracks

McLaren Maximizer™ OTT Tracks

Key Benefits:

  • Low-Cost Track Solution

Maximizer™ OTT tracks are a lighter version of Diamond™ OTT tracks, suitable for periodic use. Their lower price point does not mean that quality is compromised as they still perform well in a range of terrains. They can be used in mud, sand, snow, ice and on slopes and wet grass.

  • Hexagonal Pattern Enhances Traction

Their hexagonal pattern and cross-bar track surface allow the tracks to bite into wet or slippery ground surfaces without slipping, offering enhanced traction in your operations. This cross-bar design also makes Maximizer™ tracks suitable for slopes and hilly terrains, where ultimate traction and stability is needed.

  • Self-Cleaning Capability

The open-bar style of Maximizer™ OTT tracks allow the tracks to self-clean as they navigate demanding work sites. Debris, mud and other objects do not lodge into the tracks and damage them.

Rubber Over The Tire Tracks from McLaren &

Our rubber over the tire tracks provide the maximum flotation over mud, sand and loose gravel. They are also great for on-road applications like asphalt and concrete, as they do not damage these surfaces like metal OTT tracks would. The base of the rubber tracks are reinforced with continuous forged steel that improves wear and increases service life. The continuous steel technology eliminates weak spots along the track belt, boosting track strength and durability.

Our rubber tracks come in a variety of different tread patterns to cater specific purposes and applications. Some tread styles are more aggressive than others, making them great for harsher environments while other tread patters are specially built to maximize protection of sensitive surfaces.

Monster Tires Rubber OTT tracks are designed to fit the following skid steer tires:

  • 12x16.5
  • 10x16.5

Let’s take a quick look at some of the main benefits of using Rubber OTT tracks on your skid steer:

  1. Maximum Flotation

These tracks are designed for optimal flotation. Not only does the wide base provide reduced ground pressure for your skid steer that skid steer tires do not but the rubber makes them lighter than steel tracks, minimizing ground pressure and boosting flotation over muddy and sandy terrains.

  1. Operator Comfort

Rubber tracks ensure that the skid steer operator enjoys a smoother, cushioned ride as he or she navigates a wide range of terrains. Rubber tracks maximize shock absorption as you navigate uneven terrains. The reduced noise and lower vibration you get while using rubber OTT tracks also adds to operator comfort. Operator comfort translates to increased efficiency and productivity which is great for your bottom line!

  1. Minimizes Damage on Hard and Sensitive Surfaces

Rubber tracks protect abrasive surfaces like asphalt and concrete from damage. They are also fantastic on sensitive surfaces like turf as they do not damage the grass like a steel OTT track would. Thus, they are the best option for landscaping projects and are also ideal for applications such as parks and golf-courses that also require tirf protection.

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