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Metal & Steel Over The Tire Tracks - OTT Tracks

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Metal OTT Tracks & Steel Over The Tire Tracks from

Our metal Over The Tire Tracks are built using high-quality manganese and chromium steel components, guaranteeing high performance in the harshest working conditions. The track’s surface features an open, double bar design that allows for self-cleaning of debris and soil while operating your skid steer. They are best suited for mud, clay, loose rock, sand, snow, and ice. They offer maximum traction in rough, uneven terrains while providing enhanced flotation in sand and deep mud.

Our metal OTT track system is compatible with the following skid steer tire sizes:

  • 10×5
  • 12×5
  • 14×5

Here are some of the great benefits you’ll enjoy with this OTT track system:

  1. Tire Protection

Our metal OTT tracks will guarantee that your skid steer tires are fully protected as you navigate tricky terrains and complex job sites. You do not have to worry about punctures or tear to your tires as the strong steel shoes are designed to guard the tires from abrasive elements found on work sites.

  1. Durability

The steel used on our metal OTT tracks are heat-treated to extend the service life these tracks. The track components are also fortified with chromium and manganese which toughens the track and give them longer wear.

  1. Economical OTT Track Solution

Compared to our other OTT track options, our metal OTT tracks are usually the cheapest while still maintaining their high-performing capabilities especially on demanding job sites. They are a great solution for skid steer owners or operators working on a budget.

  1. Increased Traction

The open-bar surface design of our metal OTT tracks give them a stronger grip on surfaces, thereby increasing traction on applications that involve mud, sand and snow. This makes them perfect for hilly or sloped terrains as they firmly grip on to these surfaces, offering stability and greater traction as you traverse these terrains.

Used Metal & Steel OTT (Over The Tire) Tracks

Skid steer loaders are versatile machines and they can be equipped with over the tire tracks to boost traction and flotation as well as protect skid steer tires from flats, punctures and damage.

When working on a restrictive budget, it is quite tempting to want to go with the option of used OTT tracks for your skid steer loader. You can find both used metal/steel and used rubber OTT tracks on the market. The obvious advantage of used tracks is that they are much cheaper than brand new OTT tracks.

However, it is crucial that you take into consideration the downside of used tracks. Usually, depending on the OTT track’s wear and extent of damage, you might not be doing yourself any favors buying used OTT tracks as there is no guarantee on how long they will last.

Monster Tires does stock a selection of used OTT tracks for a variety of different brand name skid steers. We understand the needs of some of our customers who may be working with a limited budget. A used OTT track may have some wear from usage but we also offer used OTT tracks that have minimal to zero wear. We do not sell any OTT track that is damaged. There are a few reasons used tracks become available for sale:

Customer Purchased Wrong Size and Tried to Install on Skid Steer

Some of our used OTT tracks were previously bought and shipped to customers who ordered the wrong size track for their skid steer loader. Many times, they try to fit them on to the machine before realizing too late that they had purchased an incorrect track size. These OTT tracks are then returned to our facilities for a replacement. At this point, they cannot be sold to another customer as new because they have been “used” already, even though, technically, the tracks have not not yet been used on any applications. This is an ideal scenario as these tracks have minimal to zero wear but are priced significantly lower than new OTT tracks.


Used tracks are also acquired through trade-ins. Sometimes, tracks with some wear are purchased at a discounted price and resold. These OTT tracks still have some service hours left on them and some skid steer owners working on a tight budget may buy them for operations that do not require long service hours. Since OTT tracks can be easily and quickly installed and removed, used OTT tracks can be good if you plan on using them part time.

Other reasons used tracks become available for sale include OTT tracks incurring very minimal damage during shipping or mishandling in a warehouse. OTT tracks can also be offered at a discounted price due to overstocking as tracks tend to take up a lot of storage space and have to be sold off at discounted prices.