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Monster Tires is the best online resource for construction equipment tires, OTR (Off The Road) tires, OTT (Over The Tire) Tracks, agricultural equipment tires and much more. Monster Tires was started when a heavy equipment dealer and broker saw the need for an affordable resource for construction equipment tires. The online market for affordable construction equipment tires is saturated with high-priced machine tires and OTR tires that can be significantly reduced when looking in the right area.

The services provided by Monster Tires is unparalleled in the equipment tire industry and we offer the best customer service possible. When looking for your next set of rear, front or entire set of 4 tire package, there is only one resource you should count on and that resource is Monster Tires.

Local Construction Equipment Tires to an Online Resource

Monster Tires started in one location in Northern California (Greater Sacramento) providing affordable solutions for construction company owners who needed to maintain their equipment with new tires. Whether you are looking for a new set of Backhoe Tires in Los Angeles or Industrial Tires in San Jose, Monster Tires has you covered. We provide a wide variety of services throughout Northern California and Southern California. We also have the ability to ship national and international. If you have any questions about Backhoe Tires, Skid Steer Tires, Loader Tires, CTL Tracks or Metal Tracks for your Skid Steer, contact Monster Tires, we can help.

Since the birth of Monster Tires, the selection of our tire store and track store has grown incredibly fast and the options are virtually endless. Giving Construction equipment owners, farm equipment owners and agricultural equipment owners the options for rear, front and sets of 4, Monster Tires customer and client base has grown substantially over the years.

Flat Rate Shipping on Construction Equipment Tires

Monster Tires is the only online resource that offers flat rate shipping on any set of equipment tires. Tires get heavy, especially heavy equipment tires and now when you need a new set of Backhoe Tires or Wheel Loader Tires, you can trust that one company is really looking to save you money with flat rate shipping on any set of rear tires, front or complete package set of tires. Trust the only resource online that offers you fast, flat rate shipping so you can get your equipment moving again (please read our terms of service and details on shipping).

Specializing in Construction Equipment Tires and Tracks

Any type of heavy equipment that has rubber, wheels or tracks, we got it! From Bobcat Tires and S Series Bobcat Tires to Motor Scraper Tires and Motor Grader Tires, we have you covered. If you are looking for a new set of tracks for your bobcat or tracks for your mini excavator, we have those in stock as well. Anytime you are thinking of getting a new set of tires or tracks for your machine, trust Monster Tires! If you are looking for specific tire for your make and model, contact our tire expert team to answer all your questions.

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With our fully staffed office of tire experts, you can trust that we have all the answers covered. If you are looking for that special tire that you just can’t seem to find, we have and we can get it to you fast! Our staff is knowledgeable on every aspect of new equipment tires, used equipment tires, and used rubber tracks along with new rubber tracks so rest assured you are in good hands.  For all those questions or comments you may have about tires for your machine, Contact Us Today and find out how we can help you and your company get the job site moving fast again.

Driving Distance From the Following Cities:

We are within Driving distance of the following cities in Northern California. Our Industrial Tire & Rubber Track yard is located at 5000 Windplay Drive, #3-201
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. If you are located in California and would like to drive up to our industrial tire and track yard in Placerville, please give us a call or visit our service area for more information. We will walk you through purchasing your set of tires through the website and upon completion of your order, you can drive up to our yard and pick up your tires or rubber tracks.