Used Rubber Skid Steer Tracks

A used Over The Tire track may be cheaper, but that is not a guarantee that they will provide you with the best ROI for your operations. They may not be the ideal investment in the long-run, depending on their extent of wear. With new OTT tracks, you do not have to worry as much about your track’s service life. Below, we offer the main reasons why a new OTT track is still a better option than used OTT tracks:

Durability and Extended Service Life

Brand New Rubber Skid Steer Tracks (CTL Tracks)

New OTT tracks are much more durable and dependable than used OTT tracks. Due to the fact that they have zero wear, you can be sure that you will enjoy a longer service life with new tracks than used OTT tracks. They are also more dependable when operated on challenging applications as they have less wear and can perform optimally in these situations as opposed to worn, used tracks that perform at a much lower level.

Availability and Wider Selection of Tracks

McLaren RUBBER OTT™ Tracks Maximizer OTT™ Tracks McLaren DIAMOND OTT™ Tracks McLaren MAGNUM OTT™ Tracks

Your choices are limited when it comes to used OTT tracks. Since the availability of compatible used OTT tracks for your particular skid steer is not guaranteed, you run into the problem of not finding the right OTT track for your skid steer. Shopping for new OTT tracks significantly extend your options as inventory includes a wider selection of tracks for various skid steer brands on the market. You save yourself the time and effort used in scouring different retailers to find the appropriate OTT track for your equipment.  

Warranty on new OTT tracks

When you buy new OTT tracks, you get manufacturer’s warranty to protect you in the instance of any defect caused by material used or poor workmanship on the part of the manufacturer. You can rest assured that if for any reason there is a problem with the tracks, you can get it replaced at no additional cost as long as you do so within the warranty’s time frame. The same cannot be said about used OTT tracks. You are really on your own, should you encounter any defects. This is a risk you have to consider carefully when buying used tracks as in the long run, you might have to spend money getting another OTT track. 

We recommend new OTT tracks

In conclusion, we recommend new OTT tracks if you want to get the maximum ROI for your projects. If your budget does not permit buying new OTT tracks, used OTT tracks can still be a viable option. Only buy used OTT tracks from trusted dealers. Monster Tires offers used OTT tracks for a variety of skid steers on the market. We carefully inspect all used tracks to ensure that they are damage-free and good to use on your skid steers. Keep in mind that most of the used tracks in our inventory have less than 10 hours of use and are quality tracks that still have a lot of service hours left on them. Call us today to check availability!

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    Good Morning, I am thinking of putting steel tracks on by Bobcat T 770. Can you give me information on construction and style and your best price delivered to 80820 on your steel tracks???

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