Next Generation Mini Excavator Tracks

Excavators are utilized in a wide variety of applications including mining, construction, forestry, landscaping, material handling and snow removal. Leading-edge manufacturers of excavators include Bobcat, Caterpillar, Hitachi, JCB, Komatsu, Kubota, New Holland, Volvo and Yanmar.

It is important to pair your excavator with the right excavator tracks to maximize efficiency and productivity on job sites. That is where McLaren’s excavator tracks come in.


Next Generation Rubber Tracks for mini or compact excavators are specially engineered to boost the performance of your excavator. They outperform other rubber tracks on the market in OEM tests. These durable and resilient tracks offer a number of benefits:

  • Highly Durable Rubber

Next Generation Rubber Tracks are made from high quality rubber compounds which make the tracks cut, tear and wear resistant. The advanced, high-quality rubber compounds help extend the service life of the track.

  • Advanced Tread Design

Next Generation track’s provide enhanced traction. This added traction is as a result of their advanced tread design which feature deep tread lugs.

  • SpoolRite Belting Technology

These track’s feature McLaren’s SpoolRite Technology which boosts track strength. The forged steel link used to reinforce the tracks are joint-less and continuous, eliminating weak spots along the steel belt and in turn, boosting tensile strength.

  • Secure Rubber to Steel Belt Bonding

The heat-treated carbon steel link used to fortify the tracks are securely bonded to the premium rubber to prevent link ejection.

  • Size Availability

Next Generation rubber tracks come in sizes ranging from 180mm to 500mm wide tracks.