Premium Skid Steer Rubber Tracks Vs Generic

USA Made Rubber Tracks Vs. Third World Country (China) Made Rubber Tracks for Skid Steers

Do we sell Rubber Tracks made in the USA? Read more to find out. 

There are a couple of Skid Steer rubber track attachment options available on the market today. When it comes to the production of rubber tracks in general you will see everything from high-quality manufacturing facilities to lower quality manufacturing facilities. With the lower quality manufacturing facilities, you will oftentimes find lower prices. However, it is always smart to use premium grade skid steer rubber tracks That have been produced in higher-quality manufacturing facilities. Many retailers offer generic brands at a slightly lower price but the quality of generic brand rubber tracks is significantly lower than that of premium grade rubber tracks.

In the long-run, it is really not cost-effective to invest in a generic brand as they usually need to be replaced frequently due to premature wear and tear. We get a lot of customers coming in, needing to have their rubber tracks replaced earlier than they would have if they had opted for a premium quality track instead of a generic knockoff.

Rubber tracks are made and manufactured throughout many countries in the world. With that said, there are little to no manufacturing facilities located in North America that are currently manufacturing or processing the development of rubber tracks in general. You can reference this complete guide and overview that explains the top countries were rubber compounds are found. These countries are the same countries that are producing and manufacturing the rubber tracks as well. Very few, if any companies are actually Manufacturing rubber tracks in North America. Even the major construction equipment manufacturers (Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Case, JCB, and many others) outsource their rubber tires along with their rubber tracks to manufacturing facilities where the top known rubber compounds are found. Some of these top countries may include Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. If you are looking for usa-made rubber tracks you are likely to spend three to five times the amount of a set of high-quality rubber compound produced tracks in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These countries are considered the top exporters of rubber tracks for construction equipment and typically show signs of higher-quality manufacturing practices over manufacturing facilities in China and other parts of Asia.

Premium C-lug tread style track for a Compact Track Loader (CTL)

Brand New Rubber Skid Steer Tracks (CTL Tracks)

As a quick example, let’s take a look at a premium C-lug tread style track for a Compact Track Loader (CTL) and compare it with its generic equivalent. The area where a generic C-lug track would usually split due to its low quality does not occur in a premium grade C-lug because that area would notch during constant flexing while the Compact Track Loader is in use.

Looking at a premium C-Lug track and its generic equivalent side by side, you might miss this minor detail since both patterns seem to have the “C” shape. Upon closer examination, you will notice that the premium track has a notch that prevents splits which the generic brand does not.

So don’t be fooled by dealers that offer generic MTL Rubber Tracks and Mini Excavator Tracks as a viable alternative to premium grade tracks. They usually are not looking out for the best interests of their customers. These types of retailers or dealers should be avoided at all costs if you want to save yourself money in the long run and guarantee a longer service life for your rubber tracks.

That’s why here at Monster Tires, we offer only premium skid steer rubber tracks, with a variety of tread patterns for different applications depending on your needs. Our treads provide maximum traction grip and flotation.

Some common tread patterns include:

common tread patterns

  1. C-lug
  2. Multi-bar
  3. Straight-bar
  4. Staggered Block

We have a wide range of affordable and durable skid steer tracks, depending on what you are looking for. At Monster Tires, we stock premium steer skid rubber tracks for popular construction equipment manufacturers.

Below is a list of some of the top-quality, industry-leading manufacturers for which we supply skid steer tracks:

  • Bobcat
  • Case
  • CAT
  • JCB
  • John Deere
  • Mustang

We are very particular about the durability and quality of the tracks we offer and we take immense pride in only offering the best of the best.

To ensure that you are choosing the best premium skid steer rubber tracks, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Continuous Steel Cords vs Spliced or Overlapped

Continuous Steel Cord technology used on premium rubber tracks prevents steel cord breakage that occurs in rubber tracks that have steel cords that overlap, thus minimizing track breakage, increasing service life and reducing operating costs. Also, the quality of the steel used should be taken into account. The optimal steel cable used should be corrosion-resistant.

  1. Natural Rubber vs Crumb (Recycled) Rubber

Yes, it might be tempting to purchase rubber tracks made of recycled (crumb) rubber but in the long-run, this is not a cost-effective or high-performing rubber to go with. They are weaker than natural rubber and tear easily. Always go for virgin/natural rubber that is blended with high-quality synthetics. They are abrasion and tear-resistant and help to preserve track service life.

  1. Molding Process with Rubber Tracks

By decreasing the time to takes to mold rubber, some rubber tracks are made cheaper but the resulting track has a shorter service life. Always choose rubber that has undergone the molding process for the the right amount of time to ensure that the rubber is top-quality.

  1. Vulcanized Rubber-Wrapped Steel Cables vs None

To protect the steel core from punctures by sharp objects and other harsh material, use rubber tracks in which the embedded steel cables are wrapped with vulcanized rubber to protect the steel cords from corrosion and damage.

  1. Quality of Synthetics Used in Rubber Tracks

The quality of the synthetic rubber compounds blended in with the natural rubber plays a vital role in determining the durability of your rubber tracks. The tougher the compounds, the less likely for the tracks to crack and break off.

  1. Quality Standards with USA Made Rubber Tracks

Rubber tracks should be manufactured with the highest ISO standards. The quality of rubber tracks is determined by the quality of materials used in production as well as the controls put in place to measure and improve production quality, reliability, and durability. They also should be checked and tested to ensure that they meet international standards. At Monster Tires, we are proud to only offer rubber tracks that meet and exceed ISO standards!

In general, the standards under which rubber tracks are produced have to be of the highest quality. To ensure that you are getting the best quality for your buck, call us at Monster Tires today! All our tracks are made from the best, top-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. We do not sell generic, low-quality stuff because we believe that only premium grade rubber tracks should be used on your Compact Track Loaders, Mini-Excavators and Skid Steers to guarantee optimal performance and productivity!

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