Wheel Loaders are a big part of any job site, quarry, mine or any other part of the construction industry where moving large amounts of dirt quickly is essential. Wheel Loaders are useful because they come in a range of sizes with capacity of a compact wheel loader with a 1yard bucket to a large wheel loader with up to a 50 yard bucket. With these machines doing so much heavy lifting on your job site it’s important to make sure the tires will always hold up to the load. Monster Tires is here to help you know when to replace your Wheel Loader Tires and always offer you the best prices when it is that time. We can help you understand many things about the dangers of running damaged tires or tires that should no longer be in service. The staff at Monster Tires wants to help reduce as many job site injuries as we can while helping you to be more efficient by minimizing downtime with tires going flat or blowing out. If you have any questions about Wheel Loader Tires or problems caused by damaged tires contact the staff at Monster Tires today.