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The Daewoo corporation was established in 1967 but, it wasn’t until Dec of 2000 that they changed their name to POSCO DAEWOO Corp and began carrying and distributing a wide variety of products including steel, metal, machinery, automotive component, industrial electronics, steel raw material, non-ferrous metal, chemical, and agro-fishery product. Daewoo created and distributed their own line of 28 mini excavators. Included in their line up were the SL, DSL, AH, DH, and Solar models. On April 29,2005, the Doosan Group purchased the controlling interest in Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery, however, they still kept the products under the name Daewoo. Daewoo is focusing on global resource development such as oil, gas mineral and food.  The POSCO DAEWOO Corp is looking to establish a solid foothold as a leading global resource developer in the world market.