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The brand JCB was created by an Engish man named Joseph Cyril Bamford in 1945 starting with the creation of a tipping trailer. The company became more established in 1948 when six people were hired to start working on backhoe loaders that he started to paint the color yellow. By 1964 JCB had already sold 3,000 backhoe loaders and started focusing on creating the first 360-degree excavator. They produced a line of around 38 Mini Excavators that were created to be reliable, compact, and sturdy. JCB focused on innovation in addition to producing reliable products. Monster Tires believes in these values which is why our customers can rely on us to give them premium quality rubber tracks at very affordable prices. We supply rubber tracks for all 38 of the JCB Mini Excavator models which consist of their 800, JS, and MTL series. We have a team of dedicated an knowledgable staff waiting to answer any of your questions.