Skid Steer/ CTL Tracks

Monster Tires Skid Steer Tracks

Used and New CTL (Compact Track Loader) Tracks

Skid Steers Tracks and Compact Track Loader Tracks

If you are looking for skid steer tracks and compact track loader tracks, you have come to the right place at Monster Tires! We have the parts to get your skid steer or compact track loader up and running.

Having the right tracks makes all the difference for how your skid steer or CTL works. When you have good tracks with high amounts of traction, you can do harder work, get into tougher places, and dish out heavier punishment to your machines, knowing that they can handle it. When your skid steer tracks or compact track loader tracks go out, your whole machine is unusable. You can ensure your workers’ safety and the effectiveness of your work by putting high-quality skid steer tracks and compact loader tracks from Monster Tires on your equipment.

New Skid Steers Tracks and CTL Tracks

Brand New Rubber Skid Steer Tracks (CTL Tracks)

Here at Monster Tires, we are proud to offer top quality new skid steer tracks and new CTL tracks.  We offer a full range of tracks for all major makes and models, so you can be certain of finding the new tracks you are looking for here. From the satisfaction of seeing your equipment with brand new tracks on it, to the stability and comfort you get from working with sturdy new tires, new skid steer tracks and new CTL tracks from Monster Truck are the solution for you!


  • 230x48x66 (230mm)
  • 350x52.5x86 (350mm)
  • 180x72x39 (180mm)
  • 300x52.5Wx84 (300mm)
  • 300x52.5Nx80 (300mm)
  • 400x75.5x74 (400mm)

New Vs. Used Skid Steers Tracks/ CTL Tracks

Used Rubber Skid Steer Tracks

One of the most common questions we get is whether it is best to get used or new skid steer tracks or CTL tracks. Here are some of the pros and cons of each.

  • Used tracks cost less.
  • Used tracks have usually only been used for fewer than 10 hours.
  • Most of the time, used tracks are tracks that the previous buyer ordered in the wrong size, put on his machine, discovered his error, and sent back.
  • We thoroughly inspect all our used tracks to make sure that you will not have any problems with their performance.
  • New tracks, on the other hand, come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • With new tracks, you have the peace of mind of knowing that they are straight out of the box.
  • New tracks give you the satisfaction of seeing shiny new parts on your trusty equipment.

While most people are concerned that buying used tracks carries some risk in terms of quality or reliability, this is simply not true. Most of our used tracks came from people who had bought the wrong size. We can’t sell a track as new once it’s been put on a piece of equipment and used at all. If a used track has been used at all, it usually has been used less than 10 hours. When you get a used skid steer track or a used CTL track from Monster Tires, you are getting all the functionality of a new track at the price of a used one.

Changing Skid Steer Tracks

Rubber Skid Steer Tracks (CTL Tracks)

When you purchase a skid steer, you have to plan for the different parts to wear out at different rates. One of the first things to wear out is the tracks, because this is the part that takes the most punishment. Therefore it is obvious that changing skid steer tracks is necessary, but that doesn’t make it fun. Here at Monster Tires, our goal is to make it easy for you to change your skid steer tracks by providing you with the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price. Check out our selection to find the skid steer tracks that are right for you!

High-Quality Rubber Skid Steers Tracks for Sale

Rubber Skid Steer Tracks - Bobcat

Many people look for the cheapest skid steer tracks they can find when it is time to replace their tracks. They want to save money and get their skid steer back in working order as quickly and as economically as possible. However, it is very important to make sure you get high-quality rubber skid steer tracks instead of gravitating toward the cheapest kind you can find. High-quality rubber skid steer tracks last far longer than cheap ones, and they more than make up the difference in the additional work you can get out of them.

Different Size Skid Steer/ CTL Tracks

Different Skid Steers and CTLs are made in different sizes and with different requirements. We have a wide variety of tracks to take care of your equipment, no matter what kind of skid steer or CTL you have.

Bobcat Rubber Tracks

Case Rubber Tracks

Cat Rubber Tracks

Gehl Rubber Tracks

  • Gehl: 300 x 86 x 46
  • Gehl: 320 x 86 x 52
  • Gehl: 450 x 100 x 48
  • Gehl: 450 x 100 x 50
  • Gehl: 320 x 86 x 54
  • Gehl: 450 x 86 x 56

JCB Rubber Tracks

John Deere Rubber Tracks

Komatsu Rubber Tracks

  • Komatsu: 450 x 86 x 56
  • Komatsu: 450 x 86 x 56
  • Komatsu: 450 x 86 x 56
  • Komatsu: 320 x 86 x 56
  • Komatsu: 450 x 86 x 58 (VTS)

Kubota Rubber Tracks

  • Kubota: 320 x 86 x 52
  • Kubota: 450 x 86 x 58

Mustang Rubber Tracks

Takeuchi Rubber Tracks

  • Takeuchi: 300 x 86 x 46
  • Takeuchi: 320 x 86 x 48
  • Takeuchi: 320 x 86 x 52
  • Takeuchi: 450 x 100 x 48
  • Takeuchi: 450 x 100 x 50

The Difference Between New and Used Rubber Tracks

Homeowner and Occasional Work VS. Daily Operation Equipment

There is a huge difference between new and used rubber skid steer tracks. When you are looking into a replacement set of rubber tracks, you are faced with the number one question; new or used.

Homeowner: We can tell first hand that you probably do not want to go down the used rubber track trail unless you are a homeowner who is only using your skid steer for gigs around your property. If you are a homeowner who only uses your mini excavator, mini track loader or skid steer around your property a couple times per year, used rubber tracks might be for you.

Contractor or Daily Use: If on the other hand, you are a contractor or are using your machine more than once a quarter, you want to buy a new set of rubber skid steer tracks or even new OTT (Over The Tire Tacks). We have seen hundreds of examples of contractors or guys that use their equipment frequently buy used tracks. It usually never ends in a good situation. Either the tracks get a tear or a rip which is bound to bust wide open. Once this happens and it will happen, you are going to want to make the switch to a new set of skid steer tracks.

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