Generally, there are three main types of OTT tracks you can purchase:

  • 1. Metal (Steel) OTT Tracks
  • 2. Rubber OTT Tracks
  • 3. Metal OTT tracks with Optional Rubber Pads

Steel OTT Tracks 

Maximizer OTT™ Tracks

Metal or Steel OTT tracks are built to handle tough, challenging underfoot conditions. Steel OTT tracks offer enhanced flotation in muddy conditions as well as great traction in uneven ground surfaces and hilly or sloped terrains. They are great for aggressive applications such as land clearing, forestry, demolition sites and scrap yards. Steel OTT tracks are usually made from hard, extremely durable steel. With steel OTT tracks, you will enjoy extended service life and durability even when used in extreme, demanding applications.

Rubber OTT Tracks

McLaren RUBBER OTT™ Tracks

Rubber OTT tracks significantly boost flotation and traction of your skid steer loader over a wide range of surfaces. They come in a variety of tread patterns, depending on the type of application you will be using them for. Some tread styles are engineered for aggressive applications while others are best-suited for sensitive applications. Rubber OTT tracks may have deep tread lugs that bite into surfaces, providing excellent traction on both on-road and off-road applications like muddy and sandy terrains. Their wide footprint and lower ground pressure boosts the flotation capability of your skid steer while offering added stability and increasing operator comfort. They are ideal for abrasive surfaces like asphalt and concrete as they do not damage these surfaces. Rubber OTT tracks are also perfect for sensitive applications like landscaping as they protect the turf from damage. 

Metal/Steel Tracks with Optional Rubber Pads

McLaren MAGNUM OTT™ Tracks

These tracks are essentially a fusion of rubber and steel OTT tracks, providing the benefits of both track options. When used with the optional rubber pads that can be put on and taken off as needed, they boost flotation, protect sensitive surfaces and offer a smoother ride. Without the rubber pads, they operate as steel tracks, handling severe applications like demolition and heavy construction and offering fantastic traction in off-road applications.

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