Solid Tires - Top 5 Reasons to Run on Your Skid Steer Loader

Top 5 Reasons to Run on Your Skid Steer Loader

The Main Reasons that Solid Tires are Best for your Skid Steer

For maximum productivity and optimal performance, a skid steer loader must always be paired with the best tires for the job. Increasingly, contractors are choosing solid tires for their operations over air-filled and foam-filled tires, especially on rugged applications.

It may seem surprising as solid tires are more expensive, but their long list of benefits makes them worth the investment.

In this article, we look at the top five reasons solid tires have become the go-to tires for a wide range of skid steer operations.

#1 - 100% Flat Protection

Pneumatic tires are prone to flats.

This makes them unsuitable for severe job sites where sharp-edged debris can puncture the tires and cause flats, leading to machine downtime and reduced productivity. Solid tires are completely flat-proof and puncture-resistant.

This is because – unlike pneumatic tires – they are solid rubber all through. You don’t have to worry about air leaking out of the tires, ever. They can even perform when punctured or cut due to their layers of durable, tough rubber.

Flats don’t just waste valuable time; replacing flat tires also cost you money, increasing your operating costs per hour. Contractors see the value in a tire option that eliminates the problem of flats, and that is why many of them have no problem paying the high upfront costs for solid tires.

#1 - High-Performance in Severe Applications

Solid tires are designed to withstand the most demanding underfoot conditions. They are well-suited for demolition sites, scrap yards, quarries, mining, and waste transfer stations.

Their layers of extremely resilient tough rubber make these tires high-performing tires for a range of skid steer operations. Many solid tire manufacturers now add rows of aperture holes to the sidewalls of solid tires to eliminate the problem of rough rides that solid tires used to be known for.

These holes maximize shock absorption, creating a smooth cushioned ride for the skid steer operator. That means that the operator can perform at his best as there is reduced operator fatigue.

#2 - Low Operating Costs

Pneumatic tires are not as durable as solid tires. They are also prone to flats, unlike solid skid steer tires. This raises the operational costs of using pneumatic tires on your skid steer. With solid tires, you see the value of your investment over time.

Solid tires last about 3 to 4 times longer than their pneumatic counterparts. As you do not have to frequently repair or replace them like pneumatic tires that are prone to flats, you save a lot of money when you operate your skid steer with solid tires.

#3 - Enhanced Lifting Capacity

Skid steers are frequently used in operations that involve a lot of heavy load lifting. Heavy loads must be adequately supported by the weight of the skid steer loader. Solid tires add extra weight to the overall weight of the skid steer which gives the machine the added stability to support and handle loads.

As a result, solid tires directly boost job site productivity as they allow the machines to quickly and safely move heavy loads.

#4 - Maximum Machine Uptime

Without a doubt, solid skid steer tires are the most durable skid steer tires on the market today.

Due to their layers of tough, resilient, puncture-averse rubber, solid tires are not easily damaged; and even when cut, they are still able to perform. Pneumatic tires, on the other hand, are easily punctured, requiring frequent repairs or replacement.

Foam-filled tires fare better, but even they are no match for solid tires. Machine downtime is less of a problem with solid tires than with their pneumatic and foam-filled counterparts.

Solid tires maximize job site productivity by minimizing machine downtime. Instead of wasting valuable time changing a flat or repairing or replacing a damaged time, you get more work done faster.

Flats and punctures are issues that slow down operations, and they could be the reason why a contractor is unable to meet job deadlines. This can be easily avoided when you equip your skid steer loader with solid tires.

These reasons clearly show why more contractors are opting for solid tires over pneumatic and foam-filled skid steer tires. Monster Tires offers premium solid skid steer tires—in a range of tread patterns, each designed for optimal performance on a specific terrain or application—at the best prices, you will find anywhere.

Our solid tires are made from high-quality rubber that is highly durable and puncture-resistant. We also offer flat-rate shipping for your convenience. Contact us for more information.