Reviews and Testimonials

What our clients have to say about Monster Tires

All seems to be great

They do tear the crap out of existing turf that we drive in for landscape work but hardcore other than that. - McLaren Rubber OTT Tracks

- Jeff Laing - Country Side Lawn and Entry Care

That was Quick!

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for getting those backhoe tires over so quick for my Cat 450F. They arrived on the job site as promised and we had one of our guys slap them on. Will call you if we need anymore tires, probably soon! Thanks again.

- Mitch Lopez - Lopez Ag Service

Helping Us Cut Costs

As an equipment broker and dealer we are always looking for a way to cut costs repairing equipment, Monster Tires was the perfect solution for us.  Replacing tires on used equipment was so expensive before we found Monster Tires, now we can afford to put new tires on almost everything. Thanks Monster Tires for helping us cut costs!

- Pacific Coast Iron, LLC - Broker/ Dealer

Amazing Shipping and Service!

Thanks for your hard works on finding me the right tire guys, my crew and I appreciate it. Without Monster Tires, my project would have been dead in the water!

- Brad Greene - Greene Trucking, LLC

Great Experience with Monster Tires

We had a great experience with Monster Tires and i just wanted to reach out and give my appreciation for your whole company. From start to finish, the process of buying OTR tires from your website was SO EASY. You guys have everything perfectly listed on your website. I was relieved in how much different the tire buying process is with your company as opposed to every other website or company out there. We have been looking for a new distributor for tires for quite some time. We are set now! The quality of your tires is similar to that of Michelin, Titan or any of the big names out there and there really is no different expect the cost. Thanks again guys, 5 out of 5, let me know if you need any referrals or you need me to talk any other contractor out there. Big help, saving us time and money on tires.

- Mr. Boblett - Boblett Trucking